Combray is a revolutionary skin care product containing a new patented antioxidant. It is designed to mimic and supplement the skin’s own protection methods.

Combray is a multi purpose oil:
 It works anti aging
 It hydrates
 It calms and regenerates
 It softens and protects the skin


Combray contains only 2 ingredients, Oxofulleram and the highest quality cosmetic oil which makes Combray unique. Oxofulleram, the antioxidant in Combray, is a unique molecule. It was designed to have antioxidant properties that are especially suited to use as a skin care supplement. No perfumes, colors, preservatives, or other chemicals are added. Neither Combray nor Oxofulleram have ever been tested on animals.

Laboratory and clinical studies show that Combray is highly effective at reducing the appearance of free radical damage arising from oxidative stress, which is associated with age, sun, (air) pollution and inflammation. And, it is even more gentle than Vitamin E.

If you have been searching for an effective natural antioxidant skin care product, a moisturizer for anti-aging or if you would like to improve the appearance of redness associated with inflammation-related conditions such as sun-burn, psoriasis, eczema, acne, or rosacea, then you should try Combray. Combray is suitable for all skin types and ages. Combray can also be used by pregnant women.

All you need is a mild cleanser, Combray and a good UV block, nothing else. Combray replaces day/night creams, eye creams and serums. To experience the full effect of Combray we advice to only use Combray (and a UV block).